Le Labo is the least distributed brand in perfumery : it has a few shops around the world and can be found in some of the best department stores. Our approach in blending our creations in front of our clients is unique in the experience it offers and in the space it requires. We are unable to satisfy all requests we receive yet we can assure you we reply to all of them ! You can write to us at : onlyafewleft@lelabofragrances.com. Please be patient as all of our replies are not machine but human generated.

Le Labo proposes its candle collection in a very unique vintage tin can container. The over packaging, a cardboard box, is an eye-catching piece of design by itself. Our vintage candles are highly concentrated in oils and hand poured in the U.S. These weigh 195 grs and their burning time is about 50 hours. They are made with 100% soy wax and cotton wicks.
We wholesale this collection, independently from the rest of our perfume offer, in a limited number of locations.
For more information please email us at onlyafewleft@lelabofragrances.com.